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La Folia is also a professional freelance orchestra drawing on players of the highest calibre, with a long tradition of performing and commissioning instrumental music.

Daphne Moody, Leader

Daphne Moody, Leader

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Born and educated in Northampton, Daphne studied the violin from an early age under Alfred de Reyghere and later at the Royal Academy of Music with Sydney Humphreys and Frederick Grinke. Following a short period in Canada with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, where she was also a founder member of the Philharmonic Quartet, she returned to England to freelance with the Halle, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and the London Festival Orchestra, with whom she toured the Far East, South America and many parts of Europe.

Daphne is much sought after as an orchestral leader, chamber music player and teacher. She is both leader and artistic consultant to the management team of La Folia (formerly Sarum Orchestra) and in this capacity has worked with many leading animateurs on music projects for primary school children and children with special educational needs. She works as a teacher and coach with Superstrings music school in Wiltshire, an organisation that encourages children aged 4 to18 to play chamber music and string orchestral repertoire on both a weekly basis and on holiday courses. Daphne has worked extensively with SAGA holidays to provide specialist music appreciation weekends in England and Italy.

Daphne is a member of the Edington Ensemble with Elizabeth Anderson, Moira Alabaster and Nigel Clayton and a founder member of the Eberle Quartet with Jennifer Gibbs, Moira Alabaster and Muriel Daniels. Eberle give recitals, workshops and master-classes in England and Europe, and have recorded to critical acclaim on the NAIM label.



VIOLIN Ken Aiso | Daphne Moody | Jeff Moore

CELLO Matthew Barley | Laura van der Heijden

OBOE Andrew Knights

CLARINET Sarah Homer | Mark Withers

SAXOPHONE Josie Simmons | John Surman

HORN Hugh Seenan | Steven Stirling

TRUMPET Ross Brown | Robert Farley | Neville Moody


RECORDER Barbara Law

HARP Katie Salomon

GUITAR Adrian Zolotuhin

PIANO Howard Moody | John Reid

VOICE Michael Chance | Emily Blows | Lynsey Docherty | Yolanda Grant-Thompson | Tereza Gevorgyan | Omar Ibrahim | Elin Manahan Thomas | James Newby | Mark Padmore | Matthew Stiff

Ensemble Musicians

Ensemble Musicians

VIOLIN Ken Aiso | Anna Cooper | Jenny Knight | Philippe Honoré | Rita Manning | Daphne Moody | Rosie Tompsett

VIOLA Moira Alabaster | Yuko Inoue | George White

CELLO Matthew Barley | Nick Cooper | Joe Giddey | Joely Koos | Laura van der Heijden

DOUBLE BASS Sandy Burnett |Chris Laurence

FLUTE Andy Panayi | Chloe Vincent

OBOE Andrew Knights

CLARINET Sarah Homer | Andrew Sparling | Mark Withers


HORN Chris Beagles | Hugh Seenan | Steven Stirling | Joe Walters

TRUMPET Tom Arthurs | Neil Brough | Laura Jurd | Sam Kinrade | Stephen Peneycad | Steve Waterman

TROMBONE Mark Bassey

TUBA Oren Marshall

PERCUSSION Peter Beament | Tony Bedewi | Buster Birch | Chris Brannick | Ben Fullbrook | Tom Hooper | John Marshall | Giles Perring | Adrian Spillett | Sam Walton | Jez Wiles

GUITAR Jack Ross | Morgan Szymanski | Adrian Zolotuhin | Andy Williams

PIANO Julian Broughton | Peter Letanka | Howard Moody



VIOLIN Ken Aiso | Lucy-Ann Allen | Kate Bailey | Frida Backman | Catherine Black | Nicolette Brown | Anna Cooper | Andrew Court | Sarah Drury | Mary Eade | Elana Eisen | Sarah Evans | Matthew Everett | Rosemary Fraser | Sarah Freestone | Marion Givens | Rachel Gough | Lukas Hank | Lucy Hewson | Philippe Honoré | Jenny Knight | Katy Latham | Jack Maguire | Simon Howes | Fiona McKinley| Daphne Moody | Jeff Moore | Naomi Rump | Christina Scott | Susan Taylor | Rosie Tompsett | Mikhail Vichniakov

VIOLA Moira Alabaster | Bill Benham | Iona Hassan | Cathryn Honey | Becky Hopkin | Martin Humby | Yuko Inoue | Alison Kay | Vanessa Murby | Cecily Rice | Emma Richards | George White | Polly Wiltshire

CELLO Liz Anderson | Matthew Barley | Muriel Daniels | Lional Handy | Emily Isaac | Joely Koos | Juliet McCarthy | Bryony Moody | Fiona Murphy | Laura van der Heijden

DOUBLE BASS Michael Allnatt | Dawn Baker | Dave Brown | Sandy Burnett | Chris Laurence | Tim Loewendahl | Cath Ricketts | Owen Rump

FLUTE Lianne Barnard | Clare Childs | Stephanie Gilbert | Clare Jackson | Susie Hodder-Williams | Andy Panayi | Jane Pickles | Anna Stokes

OBOE Charlotte Ashley | Stephen Forbes | Andrew King | Andrew Knights | Joseph Sanders | Lara Taylor | Rosalie Watson

CLARINET Helen Bennet | Chris Caldwell | Liz Drew | Sue Gill | Neville Graham | Sarah Homer | Alistair Logan | Victoria Loram | Jennifer Nelson | Mark Withers

SAXOPHONE John Miles | Josie Simmons | John Surman

BASSOON Sally Bartholomew | Jackie Hayter | Dieter Hester | Chris Rawley | Stuart Russell | Elizabeth Trigg

HORN Chris Beagles | Fiona Brockhurst | Daniel de Souza | Simon de Souza | Jesse Durkan | Kevin Elliott | Miles Hewitt | Gillian Jones | Frances Leith | Peter Merry | Hugh Seenan | Jonny Stewart | Steven Stirling | Joe Walters | Emily Wiggins

TRUMPET Tom Arthurs | Dave Bertie | Shane Brennan | Neil Brough | Ross Brown | Elaine Close | Chris Deacon | Robert Farley | Laura Jurd | Sharon Kretschmer | Mark Law | Neville Moody | David Shead | Peter Turnbull | Steve Waterman

TROMBONE Mark Bassey | Will Brown | Andrew Emeny | Adrian Fry | Luke Gilbert | Jayne Murrill | Mark Townend | Ian White

TUBA Martin Jarvis | Edd Leech | Oren Marshall

TIMPANI Will Burgess | Sacha Johnson | Matthew Turner | Jeremy Little

PERCUSSION Elizabeth Barker |Antoine Bedewi | Buster Birch | Will Burgess | Chris Brannick | Ben Fullbrook | Dan Gresson | Tom Hooper | John Marshall | Giles Perring | Adrian Spillett | Sam Walton

RECORDER Barbara Law

HARP Ruth Faber | Anneke Hodnett | Katie Salomon

GUITAR Jack Ross | Morgan Szymanski | Adrian Zolotuhin

PIANO Julian Broughton | Peter Letanka | Howard Moody | John Reid | Paul Searle-Barnes