Photography and Filming Protocol

In advance, La Folia to:

  • define person in charge of briefing photographer/videographer and monitoring throughout the event
  • gain permission from artists, project participants and audience (if required) to be photographed and/or videoed
  • define who may not be photographed and/or videoed
  • ensure all photographic equipment is silent
  • ensure adequate insurance is in place
  • agree matters of copyright / restriction of use / sales
  • agree wording of credit for images published
  • where applicable, ensure photographer/videographer is paid within fifteen working days of receipt of invoice

Briefing the photographer/videographer, La Folia to:

  • provide clear direction of the required outcome
  • specify when the captured images/video will be required and in what format they should be supplied
  • specify what needs to be captured, including any key moments, elements or people
  • specify anyone who may not be photographed/videoed
  • specify where the photographer/videographer can go within the space
  • clarify time constraints – whether the whole event or a particular part is to be captured
  • ensure photographer/videographer understands that if their activity is perceived to be intrusive, they will be asked to stop
  • agree fee with photographer/videographer where applicable

Photographer/videographer to:

  • ensure that all equipment is silent
  • wear a La Folia badge throughout the event
  • ensure zero flash in performance; flash permitted at other events e.g. receptions
  • feel able to discuss/challenge briefing parameters
  • respect the nature and intimacy of the performance
  • avoid intruding upon or distracting performers and audience
  • stop if asked to do so by LF representative
  • provide images/video within required timescales as agreed during briefing

General notes:

  • If someone does not want to be filmed, please inform La Folia’s Administrator or project lead who will then inform the film director.
  • If a child or vulnerable adult does not wish to be filmed but would like to continue with the activity, they will be reassured that they will NOT appear in the finished film. They will be kept out of shot or their identity disguised in the final film.
  • After filming, should any child or vulnerable adult or their carer be uncomfortable with anything that has been filmed they are always welcome to approach La Folia’s Administrator and raise their concerns. This should be done as soon after being filmed as possible.
  • To minimise the filmmaker’s presence, a small crew will be used if possible and appropriate consisting of 1 camera, sound and director, with small equipment and minimal lights and staging.
  • Filming is intended to enhance the experience not to interfere with the music making.
  • All crews, photographers etc will be fully briefed before filming starts as to the needs of any children or vulnerable adults being filmed. This to be carried out by La Folia’s administrator
  • The entire production team is bound to respect the confidentiality of what we are privy to until the final edited version has been approved for accuracy and personal and professional confidentiality.
  • There will always be at least 2 members of the production/crew present when filming with children and vulnerable adults. No member of production team/crew will ever be alone with a child thus putting that child or themselves in a vulnerable position.
  • A filming risk assessment to be carried out by La Folia’s Administrator before any filming takes place