Continuing Songs

Continuing Songs workshops at Salisbury College

June – November 2018: through our developing relationship with Wiltshire College, Salisbury, we have been continuing our work with students who have left Exeter House School, along with other young people who are new to our projects. Working alongside students on the Foundation Studies Course, project artists Howard Moody, Adrian Zolotuhin, Jeff Moore, Colin Brown, Buster Birch and Ruby Moody have been gathering together songs the students have created – old and new – into a recording.

The launch of the Continuing Songs CD took place at Salisbury Arts Centre on 28 November 2018. Click here to buy a copy of the CD.

‘Many music projects end up being one-offs, with no follow-up or expansion beyond an end of project happening. Continuing Songs was an ongoing continuation of work with a group of young people and thereby the demonstration of what can be successfully achieved over time. The CD production also gives the participants, their families and audience a memento for life.’
Shirley Taylor, La Folia Board of Trustees

‘The Continuing Songs project was a true manifestation of something that had previously felt impossible to achieve, with all the songs sung by those who created them. It was a project – and now an album – with true artistic integrity. The discipline of recording fed into the confidence of the performers when they presented their songs live. We all felt as if we were part of a completely united band of singers and players, led by the students’ completely undefended and heartfelt openness.’
Howard Moody, La Folia Artistic Director

‘The students transformed from being very nervous at the start of the project to feeling much more confident, not only standing in front of a crowd at the launch event, but singing too. They have all worked really well together as a team and should be very proud of themselves.’
Donna McGuirk, Deputy Head of Department for Foundation Studies at Wiltshire College & University Centre, Salisbury

‘I have had such a good time working on this project and writing my own song which I also got to sing in front of friends and family. I can describe the CD launch in one word – epic!’
Jamie Fitzgerald, aged 19, Foundation Studies student at Wiltshire College & University Centre, Salisbury