Current projects, 2019-2020

The Brussels Requiem: Pilot project
| November 2019

200 young people from Salisbury took part in creative workshops with composer Howard Moody, discovering the music and themes of his Brussels Requiem. Workshops will take place in schools and in Salisbury Cathedral, with participants exploring themes of international and personal reconciliation, singing in seven different languages, and learning music from iconic requiems including those by FaurĂ©, Verdi and DuruflĂ©. The schools involved in the project are Exeter House Special School, Woodlands, Woodford Valley, St Mark’s and Salisbury Cathedral School.

Brussels Requiem was originally commissioned by La Monnaie, Brussels Opera House in 2010. The young people taking part in La Folia’s Requiem: pilot project in autumn 2019 generated their own musical responses to the Brussels Requiem, which will become part of a full-scale performance in September 2020 (subject to funding).

Continuing the Conversation: Music therapy project
| September – November 2019

This project is a collaboration between La Folia and Springfields Residential Home in Dartmoor. A registered music therapist, Meg Brand, is working with residents at the care home and their relatives to explore the potential for music therapy to facilitate and enhance ongoing communication, particularly in the context of dementia.

There are three key stages to the project:

Stage one: Weekly music therapy sessions, during which audio recordings are made to gather the musical material that is created.

Stage two: Composer Richard Barnard will be commissioned to compose a suite of pieces representing each participant, using the extracts of music as inspiration.

Stage three: The piece will be performed by professional musicians in a venue local to Springfields in 2020 (date subject to confirmation once all funding has been secured). All participants and their family and friends will be invited to attend the performance, and it will also be professionally recorded onto a CD for them to keep.

Stage one of the project has been fully funded and sessions are underway. We are actively seeking financial support for stages two and three of the project.