Projects 2017-2018

Sei Solo workshops at Exeter House Special School 

June – September 2018: the story behind Bach’s Sei Solo mirrors many of the themes we have explored with students from Exeter House School and Exeter House Vocational Centre throughout this project. How can their voices be heard? How can they use music to express themselves in a culture where intellect, words and regulation override their own language of instinct and feeling? Students have worked with artistic director Howard Moody, alongside project artists Emma Payne, Adrian Zolotuhin, Jeff Moore, Bryony Moody, Charlotte Beament and visual artist Susan Francis.

The project culminated in an informal sharing of the students’ creative responses to the music of Bach at St Martin’s Church, Salisbury on Friday 28 September at 10.30am. Download the programme and project artists information here.

Songs of Courage workshops at High Close School, Wokingham

Our 2017-18 Songs of Courage project is currently taking place at High Close School, a Barnardo’s School for young people with a range of social, emotional & mental health difficulties, along with speech, language & communication needs.

La Folia musicians are working alongside students to creatively explore ‘ordinary’ people’s extraordinary acts of courage, starting with Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat on the Alabama bus in 1955. The students have been creating their own Songs of Courage, drawing on inspiration from the stories they hear about in the workshops as well as from their own lives.

I would like to say how utterly AMAZING the ‘Songs of Courage’ project is and what a buzz it is creating. Time after time we are seeing young people touch parts of their innermost selves through music and song in a way that they have never experienced before. Considering how trouble and anxiety ridden so many of these young people are it is extraordinary to watch the process. Howard and the team are doing it all over again…! It’s life changing.

Hilary Craven at High Close School

Feedback from participants:

“I didn’t tell you my real name because I was scared, but now I’m feeling more brave”

“I love songs of courage because we get to make something amazing out of our deepest thoughts.”

“When we first started this I couldn’t believe that we would make our own music. I thought that our song would be rubbish but it is really good.”

“I’m proud of myself because I find doing new things really scary. At first I really didn’t want to do it but the people are really fun and nice and now I look forward to it.”