Evening Songs

A new group of Exeter House students and cathedral choristers devised their own words and music in response to the traditional Evensong liturgy, directed by Howard Moody and alongside acclaimed tenor Mark Padmore and soprano Charlotte Shaw. Over 800 people joined the congregation for the service on Tuesday 9 July.

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The 2019 project followed the success of Evening Songs 2016, which attracted a congregation of over 700 and caused Precentor Tom Clammer to write, ‘This was one of the most, if not the most important thing the cathedral has ever done. It has undoubtedly been transformational for all of us’. We were invited by Salisbury Cathedral to produce another Evening Songs project in 2019 with the students of Exeter House School and Exeter House Vocational Centre along with Salisbury Cathedral choristers.

Click here to see the BBC South Today report from Evening Songs 2016

Evening Songs 2019 was funded by the following individuals and organisations: Arts Council England | The Arts Society Wylye Valley | The Girdlers’ Company Charitable Trust | Golsoncott Foundation | Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust | Irwin Mitchell | Salisbury Cathedral | The Geoff and Fiona Squire Foundation | Michael Tippett Musical Foundation | Verdon Smith Charitable Trust | Wallace Curzon Charitable Trust | Wiltshire Music Connect | Individual supporters of the Evening Songs crowdfunder campaign* and La Folia’s the singing trust

La Folia collaborated with the following organisations to realise the Evening Songs 2019 project: Salisbury Cathedral | Salisbury Cathedral School | Exeter House Special School | Wiltshire College & University Centre Salisbury

*Supporters of the Evening Songs 2019 crowdfunder campaign:

Suzanne Ball | Niki Ewen Benns | Megan Brand | Ann Burn | Kate Burrough | Vanessa Coryndon | John Cox | Roslyn Currie | Fiona Hennessy Doyle | Gary Eden | Gemma Edney | Shirley Evans | Donna Ford | Rosie Fraser | Roger Garrett | Mandy Gates | Jo Gilbert | Louise Govier | Roland Govier | Rowen Gower | Melissa Hampshaw | Alexandra Johnson | Susan Kent | Justine Koos | Maurice Larcombe | Emma Leonard | Penelope Marland | Louise Martingale | Howard Moody | Alison Pascalidis | Mark Podkolinski | Helen Poole | Sarah Reeman | Stuart Reeman | Debbie Rigg | Vicky Robinson | Jane Rudd-Hughes | Lucy Salisbury | Cally Scammell | David Scammell | Lucy Scammell | Catherine Sinclair | Maggie Stokes | Katie Straker | Cheryl Sullivan | Alethea Anne Swift | Sarah Vaughan | Brian Waters | Hannah Watkins | Patricia Wylie | Thomas Wyman | Anna Wyse