Stone Songs Triumph

Howard Moody’s new choral work, STONE SONGS, finally kicked off the Salisbury International Arts Festival on 27th May with two sold out
performances in the beautiful Salisbury Cathedral.

Produced in partnership with Wiltshire Creative, and featuring the 120 voices of Salisbury Festival Chorus, top class orchestral musicians, and
a stellar line up of soloists, the piece was due to be premiered in May 2020, but, due to Covid restrictions, it had to be postponed.

Written 800 years after the laying of the Cathedral’s foundation stone, Stone Songs is a work that reflects on the skill, vision and dedication that it took to build such a magnificent building, and inspired by the ancient chants that have resonated from the stones since the 13th century. A promenade performance with the audience able to roam freely amongst the singers and the stones, the orchestra was joined by two of the Cathedral’s very own stonemasons, Alan Spittle and Joe O’Connell, adding their unique chipping and tapping to the orchestral sound.

Stone Songs performance at Salisbury Cathedral as part of Salisbury International Arts Festival.
Photo by Finnbarr Webster for Wiltshire Creative


CLICK HERE to read Joe’s blog about his experience.

Short clip from a rehearsal of Stone Songs


We have received numerous comments from audience and performers alike, here are just a few:

“A tremendous piece of music and spectacle – this was a triumph!”

“It has been truly an uplifting and positive experience.  I have come home from every rehearsal on a complete high.  Really wonderful, emotional music.”

“The soloists were fabulous and David [Halls] and the band, the stonemasons, the jazz, the blues – the beauty of the the soloists’ chants and that violin absolutely heart rending . . . and of course the medieval madness, wow, wow, wow!”

“To me, it is always a privilege and joy having the chance to sing in our wonderful Cathedral.  Without doubt my experience on Friday was the most memorable; so exciting, emotional and up-lifting.”

If you would like to read more about STONE SONGS, read the programme notes  and/or download a copy of the libretto, please CLICK HERE.