Serenade for Strings at Salisbury Arts Centre

Sarum Orchestra present a Serenade for Strings at Salisbury Arts Centre on Wednesday 23 April at 8.00pm performing a programme of all-time string favourites by Grieg, Stravinsky and Dvorak, and also introducing to the Salisbury concert-going community members of ‘Super Strings’ specialist music school based in North Wiltshire.

Daphne Moody, leader of Sarum Orchestra, said “The string section of Sarum Orchestra brings you a sumptuous feast of marvellous, albeit hugely demanding, music for strings. Grieg’s Holberg Suite was originally written for piano but soon rearranged for string orchestra; although inspired by the baroque dance suites of Holberg’s time, Grieg’s lush string writing, rich romantic harmonies, use of Norwegian folk-music and rampant lyricism make it one of his most popular works. Stravinsky’s Concerto for Strings in D major is one of his most bright and accessible works and has been choreographed into a ballet several times. In three contrasting movements, its characteristic musical textures and rhythms exemplify Stravinsky’s immense genius. Dvorak’s Serenade for Strings in E major, Opus 22 is arguably one of his most famous pieces. Written in 1875 at a very happy time in his life, all five movements are beautifully crafted; with an abundance of melody, it is one of the most popular works in the entire string repertoire.

“In the midst of this we will be introducing and playing alongside the young performers of ‘Super Strings’, coached by SO cellist Liz Richards, in Alec Roth’s Concertino Piccolo. Roth wrote this work specifically to enable young violinists and orchestral musicians to perform together in a kind of ‘concerto grosso’ with the children in front as the soloists – in two groups, one slightly more advanced than the other – and the professionals accompanying them. It has three movements called 1,2 and 3 or, for those who prefer more picturesque titles, Toad in the Hole, Yorkshire Pudding and Bubble and Squeak!”

Daphne continued, “From SO’s point of view we have the combined pleasures of watching and sharing in the excitement of the children taking part. The orchestra has a strong ethos in bringing youth into public performance and working alongside professionals. It’s the whole process of bringing on the next generation to achieve performance to a high standard - that’s the joyous part of being a teacher!”

Liz Richards will conduct the Roth. “For Sarum Orchestra to offer ‘Super Strings’ the opportunity to play alongside professionals is a great initiative, will undoubtedly be a great experience and talk about inspiration – that is it! It is the first public concert for many who will feel the ‘buzz’ of playing to a real audience – and not just to their parents! The combination of performing an exciting contemporary piece with the composer present, hearing the experts of SO play wonderful string repertoire, being part of a concert in Salisbury Arts Centre – which is such an awe-inspiring space – will leave a deep impression and become a lasting memory for all involved. It is a huge privilege.”

Tickets, price £15 (Wisecard concessions)and £5 for under 25s, are available from Salisbury Arts Centre box office, telephone 01722 321744. This concert is sponsored by Fletcher & Partners, Chartered Accountants.

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